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Automated Testing with the New Test Management System

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Software testing is done not only to assess the quality of the software product but also to determine whether it conforms to the requirements specified by the client. The QA test management team also needs to test whether the software as such will be acceptable to the end users or not and if not then suggest subsequent changes. Therefore testing is not a simple process.  


In earlier times, manual testing was more extensively done to find out defects. The test management team came up with test cases to carry out trouble-free testing. But the greatest drawback of this kind of testing was the time consuming aspect. Creating test cases was a laborious process since the testers needed to search for the updated and relevant documents. Now with automated testing, testers can complete test case execution in matter of seconds. Moreover the test document management application in the test management system makes it easy for the testers to access the relevant and updated documents within no time. And if the test management system has a test case repository, it makes matters all the more easy. Testers can assign creation of test cases and keep track of test cases that have been assigned, created, executed and so on. Thus automated testing saves time and is cost-effective. 

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