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Benefits of Advanced QA Test Management Systems

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In software development processes, one of the most important stages is Quality Assurance, which is also one of the most difficult to master in order to deliver software on time. Before the installation of any application, quality assurance testing ensures that it satisfies the requirements for quality. This naturally puts a heavy burden on the quality of the QA process and the people running it.

The biggest challenge for any QA team is in coming up with test cases or test plans that have negligible redundancy and maximum coverage. Now this challenge multiplies with issues like lack of time, repeatability and control, and insight into the risk incurred, given the time and scope of testing that the business allows.

With the advancedQA Test Management systems, QA team has progressive set of solutions to address these issues and thereby improve the reliability and efficiency of software development. It helps them to generate new projects in the system with time limits, track project progress, co-ordinate schedules with team members, track and prioritize requirements, progress reports through the development lifecycle and so on. The QA Test Management system thus helps them to achieve increased productivity and efficiency, and improved quality of testing thereby becoming a trusted partner in ensuring quality.


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