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Manage Test Case Execution with the New Test Management System

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Defect tracking is important in software testing. The more the defects exposed during testing, the higher will be the quality of the software product. So test case execution should be carried out effectively so as to release a defect free product to the market. The results of software testing help the QA test management team to find out whether the software is behaving along expected lines. And with automated testing, testers can get results not only quickly but also accurately. 


Now a proper execution of test cases is possible only if the test cases created are proper. The testers can come up with good test cases if they can access relevant and updated documents easily and quickly. This is possible with the help of the test document management application. And the icing on the cake would be a test case repository that makes it easy for the testers to manage test cases that have been assigned, created and executed. So test management system is an indispensable tool for the software testers.


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