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Need for Effective Test Management System

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Any software product undergoes rigorous testing before it is introduced to the market, in order to ensure that the product released is superior in quality. So the onus of releasing a product devoid of any defects is upon the QA test management team. Therefore the QA team has to be very clear about their tasks and it is possible only if they have an effective test management in place. Test management is nothing but an organization of test cases and implementation of its results.  


But while performing the tasks, QA testers face numerous issues that hamper the completion of the project on time. Since it is the age of global collaboration, testers need instant collaboration options to keep in touch with their globally dispersed team. And as far as filing of defects is concerned, much time is spent on tracking them, since normally they are stored in a database. 


New test management systems solve most of these problems. They are feature-rich thus facilitating instant collaboration and live tracking. This helps the QA team to improve productivity, create higher quality products, and achieve faster time-to-market thus saving time and money.




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