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QA Methodologies for Software Testing

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Effective test case management as we all know is highly essential for the smooth progress of the testing effort. Test management consists of five different phases with each phase consisting of numerous tasks. And each task should be performed carefully so that the expected result is attained. So testers have their work cut out for them, which adds a lot of pressure. So if they have the support of a good test management system then half the job is done. Now, let’s look at what a good test management software can do to relieve the testers off pressure.


  • Minimal updating is required as most of the data come from a centralized repository. 
  • The customized desktop with relevant applications lets you do your work faster and better, while the live and automated dashboard keeps you updated on every aspect of testing and product quality. 
  • Its instant collaboration feature helps you to interact with globally dispersed teams without any hitch. 
  • It comes with a built-in defect tracking system that tracks defects live. 
  • It easily fits and enhances the QA methodologies used as part of the software development lifecycle. 
  • It tracks the metrics live and organizes them neatly in animated charts, summaries and data tables.
  • These are some of the features that will make the tasks easier for the testers for sure.

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