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Suitable Testing Tool for the Various QA Methodologies

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The success of any software development process depends upon the kind of test management tool used. If the tool used allows the rigidity of the process and at the same time is flexible enough to accommodate changes then it will definitely improve the performance of QA methodology used as part of the software development lifecycle. Of the several methods or methodologies involved in the development of any software product such as RUP, Clean Room, Iterative, RAD, Spiral, Scrum and so on, the most common methodologies are Waterfall, Hybrid, V-Model, and Agile. Now let’s see what the test management tools must do to improve various QA methodologies.


Waterfall Model is a non-iterative process so it allows multiple projects to run in parallel. A suitable testing tool must be contextual-based, so that it can allow multiple testing releases in parallel. This will help the QA team to handle major, minor and patch releases without changing processes.

V Model is a rigorous and measurable process so the testing tool selected should have the ability to maintain rigor in the testing process. It should also have the capability to handle multiple testing cycles for system, integration, and final acceptance.


Agile Model is a fast and adaptive process consisting of multiple iterations and so the testing tool should be the one that has the ability to maintain flexibility in the testing process and also should be able to handle multiple iterations within each release.


Hybrid Model is a combination of different models and therefore the testing tool selected should have the ability to get used to new processes and needs of a project cycle and thereby allow smooth transition between various modes in the same system.


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