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Test Management and Testing Metrics

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Testing and validating the software is an important part of the software development process. Test management is nothing but organization of test cases and implementation of its results. Effective test management ensures that the new or modified software product serves the purpose for which it has been developed or enhanced and that the test plan is effectual, competent and financially viable.


The process of test management consists of organization, planning, authoring, execution, and reporting. When software undergoes testing process the testers get lot of information. This information is the greatest source of metrics. The different kinds of metrics include testing metrics, process metrics, progress metrics, project metrics, defect metrics and so on. The metrics obtained help to define, measure, and track quality goals for the project. 


Testing metrics or test metrics help to measure the quality of the software i.e. it helps to identify the errors in the current testing process which will in turn help in enhancing the software testing process. The info like the real status, quality and productivity of the testing effort provided by testing metrics helps to ensure the quality of the software. 


There are several advanced test management systems available that help to track the testing metrics and thus make sure that the product released is high in quality.

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