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Test Management System Truly an Asset to the Test Team

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Test management as everyone knows consist of 5 different phases namely Organization, Planning, Designing, Execution and Reporting. Each phase is equally important for the success of any testing effort. For instance, creating of test plan is as important as designing of test cases and so also the execution of the test cases. And all these should be done meticulously with careful attention to each and every detail.


All these obviously take plenty of time and if the testers don’t get a perfect partner in the form of a test management system then it will badly affect the quality of the testing effort. But now the new test management software available is a welcome relief for the testers as it helps to overcome the difficulties that the QA test management team has been facing so far.


These software test management tools with its web 2.0 features, customized desktops and live dashboards, centralized repository and so on simplify the process of testing. Therefore it is truly a great asset to the test team.

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