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Test Management

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Quality plays a dominant role in the grading of software products. So the testing process should be carried out with great precision to make sure that the product conforms to the requirements of quality. This is possible if there are competent testers to carry out the testing process. Any qualified tester can work productively if he has the backing of advanced test management systems as it can mitigate, to a great extent the problems faced by the testers during the testing process. Thus it will not only ease the pressure off from the testers but also save a lot of precious time. 


Now let’s look at some of the features of these advanced test management systems.  


  • Live tracking: This saves a lot of time because the testers need not spend their time in sending emails as every data is tracked live and organized in beautiful charts and tables. 


  • Role based: It is role based in the sense that the applications that are displayed for the Manager is different from that of the Test Leads or for that matter Testers. 


  • Easy navigation: It allows the testers to navigate between various projects and releases. 


  • Minimal updating is needed: This is because almost all information comes from centralized data repositories. 


  • Instant collaboration: It facilitates one-on-one conversation or multiple conversations at a time that too in real time.

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