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Unique Dashboards for the QA Managers

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Being a QA Manager of a company is a huge responsibility as he is at the helm of affairs. In most cases, he is the single point of contact for quality control. Any query or any problem, the QA Manager is the first person to be informed about it. So he has a responsibility towards his clients, his team and also towards his department. Therefore the QA Manager should not only have a very good technical knowhow but must also possess the skill of managing time effectively. Hence, time is a key factor and one who has excellent time management skills can handle the pressure associated with software testing.  


Since QA Managers cannot run away from their responsibilities, the best way to manage it is to get the support of a good test management system. The different dashboards in the test management system help QA Managers to handle day-to-day activities smoothly. They do not need to spend time waiting for weekly and monthly status reports or details regarding important metrics like quality metrics, test metrics, department level metrics as it will be displayed on the department dashboard or the testing dashboards. And for information regarding the test team, test assets, test activity calendars, live charts, the QA dashboard or the project dashboard serves the purpose. Thus, a test management system is a huge asset for the QA Managers. 




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